Stunning beauty: extreme high grade 9 white spotting adopted feral cat

Yes, the title is complicated. Deliberately so to catch the eye as does the cat who was adopted as a feral kitten. She grew up to be a genuine beauty: totally white except for a black plumed tail, all on a silky medium-longhair coat.

Adopted feral cat is a real beauty
Adopted feral cat is a real beauty. Click on the image for a slightly larger version. Photo: Reddit user: u/grizzlyperthy
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I guess the woman who adopted her saw the beauty in the kitten at an early age. It must have been obvious. The face is very classic and regular. The ears are pink; normal for all-white cats. The nose leather matches the ears.

It is the stunning silky white coat juxtaposed with the black plumed tail which is eye-catching. This a Van type pattern except there are no inverted ‘V’ markings between the ears on the head.

This is a bicolour cat (solid and white). The piebald aka white spotting gene created this coat. High grade white spotting goes from 6-10. You can see the chart below.

Please click on the image to see a much larger version which is more readable. You will stay on this page as the link opens a new tab.

The cat’s name is Kiba.

Bicolours. The chart is by Sarah Hartwell of Many thanks. CLick on the image for a larger version.


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