‘Stunning’ French chateau available for free – you just need to care for 2 cats

This opportunity is available as I write this. It is a château near Toulouse, France. It’s a request to house sit a couple of domestic cats between 8-24 July 2022, on my understanding of the advert. You have the opportunity to live in this beautiful property for free provided you look after the cats. The advert is on the HouseSit Match website. The property is in rural south-west France. The advertisers say this is a beautiful house with a pool, boulodrome (don’t know what that is ?) and a sauna. The two cats are very gentle and they are called Blue and Rose. They are brother and sister. They enjoy affection and their food.

The house is large and comfortable with lots of space and cosy corners. The owners say that they would love to share their house and their cats with a person or persons who enjoy luxury country living, country walks and warm fires. They say that the house is about an hour drive from Toulouse and 30 minutes from Auch.

It is described as a large estate and the points of interest are described as vineyards and hiking trails. Applicants will need a car (you can hire one I guess) and conveniently the property is one hour from Toulouse airport.

What about that? If you like cats and love France and want to do something special for free, I would go for it! But hurry. I may already be taken.

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