Stunning Photo of an Empty Wells Cathedral and Cat

Wells Cathedral was cleared for its post-Christmas clean. This reveals more clearly the cathedral’s stunning interior which has been dressed up beautifully and given a soul by that charming cat. His name is Pangur. He appears to be a resident of the cathedral. What a picture! In 2015, Louis appears to have been the resident cat. He was 17 at the time and a ginger tabby. The cat in the picture is not a ginger tabby so I’ll assume that he is Louis’s replacement. A cat looks so right in a cathedral. About the cat’s name: Pangur. This is what Wikipedia says:

Pangur Bán” is an Old Irish poem, written about the 9th century at or around Reichenau Abbey. It was written by an Irish monk, and is about his cat. Pangur Bán, “White Pangur”, is the cat’s name, Pangur meaning a fuller.

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