Stunning picture of Bengal cat on a grey beach

This is a stunning picture of a Bengal cat on a deserted beach. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The sky is grey. The sand is grey as well and the sea is white and foaming doted with dark grey rocks.

Photo of a Bengal cat on grey beach is excellent
I don’t know who took this great cat picture. Please come forward.
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There is grey everywhere in the background. In the foreground is a stunningly beautiful Bengal cat, with a richly colored coat, tiptoeing backwards to avoid the onrushing sea.

The shape that the cat has formed in trying to go backwards juxtaposed against the greyness of the background makes this picture very special.

You can see that the cat is wearing a harness. This makes sense. No doubt his or her owner took him for a walk along the beach. He decided to take a photograph and took the risk in taking off the cat’s harness. It worked out brilliantly.


I suppose there may have been a slight risk that his cat would run off. However, the risk was small because the fact that he took his cat in a harness down to the beach tells me that the cat is used to it.

I have a clear sense that this cat is used to being on a harness going for a walk with his or her owner. That’s quite hard to achieve. It takes time to get a domestic cat used to a harness and then used to walking with you. Domestic cats don’t get the idea of going for walks with their owner unlike dogs.


And what a beautiful place this is, by the way. What a beautiful place to visit or to live. It certainly does not look like anywhere in Europe. My guess that it is either the east or west coast of America. The Bengal cat is very popular in America or perhaps Canada. There are lots of breeders of this cat in America as well.

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