Photo of a Bengal cat on grey beach is excellent

I don’t know who took this great cat picture. Please come forward.

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What makes this such a very nice cat picture? It’s better than very nice, it is excellent. For me, the reason why it so good is because we have a brightly coloured, high contrast Bengal cat in the foreground taking up a posture which is very interesting because he is running backwards away from the sea.

In the background it’s all grey. There are grey rocks set against a grey and white foaming sea. The clouds are grey and even the green trees have turned grey in the mist. It’s colour against grey.

In addition, of course, the Bengal cat is very glamorous so that adds to this photograph. Great job.

It looks as though the owner was taking his Bengal cat for a walk along the beach and decided to take a photograph so took off the harness and took a risk. Perhaps the risk was very low because I have a clear sense that this cat is used to going for a walk with his owner on a harness. They may well live not far from this beach.