Stupid boy torments and provokes a community cat

Kids provoke community cat
Kids provoke community cat
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This irritates me. For fun, this stupid boy, egged on by his mates, provokes and torments a community cat who quite naturally becomes aggressive and strikes back. Eventually the boy runs away with the cat in pursuit. It’s all stupid and as I say irritating, at least to me.

It’s hard to tell where it took place. It looks like North Africa but I could be wrong. I feel sorry for the cat. I feel angry at the boys. If I was there I’d have spoken to them and asked a few questions. I’d have tried to educate but almost certainly failed and perhaps got into trouble with their parents!

Life for community cats in many developing countries is generally harsh. There is a good aspect to community cats in that they are accepted and cared for to a certain extent by the community but dangers abound. There will be no veterinary care so lives will be shorter on average. It’s just another variant on failed cat domestication. It makes one slightly despondent about cat domestication to be truthful.

When assessing the success or otherwise of cat domestication we have to look at it all – visit all the countries where there are domestic cats. In most the standard is poorer than in say the US, UK or Northern Europe. The standard can be plain bad such is the state of play for the domestic cat on planet earth.

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6 thoughts on “Stupid boy torments and provokes a community cat”

  1. I hope that brat has deep scratches all up his legs from the cat attacking in pursuit. Then I hope he gets a beating from his parents for the scratches.

  2. I wasn’t like that when I was a kid but I saw it in other boys. I was always angry about it as I’ve thought it idiotic, unwarranted, unnecessary and just mean. Even when I became an adult and started working with horses and the trainers instructed me to annoy and agitate, even beat them to “get them used to being around people and being handled”… and to “teach” them by “breaking” them that we were their boss… I never bought into it and at age 64 I still don’t. I learned how to handle horse (and dogs, cats and the occasional wild critter) with care, compassion and understanding, validating that way to my satisfaction.

    • The kid was making like a snake. I’m glad the cat fought back,understandably with due cause, but kids like that don’t learn the lesson easily, and often they simply double down and become more mean and retaliate with the mistaken notion that now it’s justified to me mean. Animals learn, but people often just escalate and get into a circle of perpetual violence. One reason I never had kids too.


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