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#Suárezing (cat bites dog) — 3 Comments

  1. LOL, you don’t like footballers 😉 I confess that I find most football matches boring. Although I like sport. This footballer is very talented by damaged. He has been ridiculed throughout the internet when he should be admired.

    My theory is his father or mother bit him as a punishment when he was a young child and he simply copies it. Who knows?

  2. lol sorry but this made me laugh, I already thought footballers were crazy, I mean who seriously would run about a pitch in a team chasing a bag of wind to kick it?
    I already knew they shout and spit and roll around on the filthy ground, but this one biting others now! lol
    It looks like he’s giving him the nape bite the same as cats do to finish off their prey. lol
    Human beings are more like animals than they like to admit and footballers are just one brain cell on legs.

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