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Substance Abuse Is the Reason for A Lot Of Cat Cruelty — 6 Comments

  1. it does seem to be a stretch to assume that this man in this case was under the influence of an intoxicant, to be honest. instead, i would question whether he was even raised to respect and care for animals at all. certainly intoxication can factor into cases of animal cruelty, but to assume that being under the influence makes a person who loves and respects animal life when sober into a violent hateful animal abuser is not an accurate statement in my opinion. a person who would harm a defenseless cat is someone who doesn’t care about cats even at their best, and the intoxication serves only to loosen inhibitions that prevent that person from harming cats in a sober state. for many recovering addicts and alcoholics, the love and companionship of a pet can be instrumental in recovery-this headline makes it sound as though their disease ought to preclude them from ever being in close contanct with animals at all :\ i know my beloved kitties (Sasha and Mishka) have, time and again, given me reason to continue my journey to a drug-free life. again, the primary issue seems to be upbringing. raise a person to respect life and they will do that, whether or not they are under the influence. raise them to not care, and they’re more likely to lash out at a weaker being when not bound by the expectations of societ, a state of mind commonly encountered in an intoxicated state.

    • I take your point. The point I was trying to make was that if a person does not like cats, when under the influence, that dislike can be translated to irrational hatred and violence.

  2. There is no excuse. It was well thought out. He did it to hurt the owner. I’d like him to suffer the same way as the cat.

    • Yep, me too. I just think that we have a drug/drink problem which underpins domestic animal abuse. It is not discussed much.

  3. I wish there was some way that I could justify such abuse; but, I can’t. In the past, I have tried to cushion some aberrant behaviors for people because of addictions. But, cruelty to this degree isn’t the same as a drunk exposing himself in public by peeing on the sidewalk.
    There’s a line with me where addictive nuisance behavior is more tolerant than abuse.
    I would fry him.

    • Me too, Dee. The drugs are no excuse. We can’t excuse him. He should be severely punished. If he is a drug addict he should be helped too but as jails are great sources of illegal drugs (they are in the UK) I can’t see him being rehabilitated.

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