by Dorian
(Libby, MT)

and here I thought I came up with teacup kitty…. I am a “breeder” so to say I have had my first litter of little bitty kitties and boy that was disheartening.

I’m looking to see if I can get in contact with some one who can help me figure out if there is a way to paper my kitties or register them. I have been at this a long time threw my own selective breeding and I am successfull.

Does anyone now of anyone who can talk to me or anyone who is just interested in following the success of my journey or the life of my current teacup cat as I call him. Thank you.

I am normally signed in to yahoo under send me a IM with teacup cat mentioned and I will add you to my friend list so maybe I can get into contact with some people about the little furry critters or just to talk to someone who is interested in Peanuts life so far.


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