Successful Cat Pill Story

Successful Cat Pill Story

by Gail McGough
(Quincy, MA)

My 15 year old tortoiseshell, Sadie, has hyperthyroidism and requires 1/2 pill each morning. After trying liquid form, medicated treats and even pills by themselves, forget it! Sadie was having none of it and she was becoming increasingly stressed out.

At the suggestion of our new vet, we tried Greenies Pill Pockets. They come in several flavors (salmon, tuna, chicken, etc.) and are shaped like little pockets, the consistency of soft clay. They may be purchased through your vet, or at anyplace like PetCo, since they are not a prescription item. (They may be ordered over the Internet as well for better pricing; however, our vet warned us to be sure to check out the expiry date on the package when it arrives).

The trick is to hold the pill pocket in one hand and place the pill (or capsule) with the other hand into the pill pocket (without actually touching the pocket with that hand) to avoid cross-contamination with the medication smell. With the hand holding the pocket, close it up so it resembles a treat and give it to the cat.

Since I have hypothyroidism, I say to my Sadie: “Mommie’s gonna take her special treat first, then it’ll be Sadie’s turn for her special treat!” Sadie actually sits and watches me take my Synthroid, then prepare her “special treat.” I fuss her up and tell her what a good girl she is and make a show of it every morning. Sadie gets all excited and gobbles up her “special treat” without any problems anymore.

It’s a daily ritual that’s become very special to both of us. On the weekends when I can sleep in a bit longer, or if I sleep through the alarm during the week, Sadie will actually jump on the bed and softly tap my face to wake me up – letting me know it’s time for our special treat. It’s been fabulous!

Admin: Your story is fabulous too. It brings joy. Thank you for sharing your successful cat pill story.

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Successful Cat Pill Story

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Feb 11, 2009 Successful Cat Pill Story – Part 2
by: Gail

After a couple of months, suddenly Sadie decided she did not want her “special treat” anymore. Needless to say, shoving a pill down her throat each morning did not excite either of us, nor did it enhance our morning ritual. Again, what’s a mom to do?

It “dawned” on me that perhaps she was bored with the salmon-flavored pill pocket. After all, I enjoy eating lobster but I couldn’t eat it every day. Last night I purchased the chicken-flavored pill pocket.

This morning, with loaded pill pocket in hand and eyes gazing heavenward in silent prayer, I presented Sadie with her new “special treat.” VOILA! She not only gobbled it right up but was looking for more!

Lesson learned – felines need variety too!

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