Sucker for My Feral Cats

Sucker for My Feral Cats

by Mary Bar
(San Jose, Ca.)

Here’s my story, one day as I was rounding the corner of the building where I work, I noticed a cat with baby kittens behind her. Good thing I was driving very slow or I probably would have run over the mother cat for you see she was running towards my car with the baby’s behind her. I stopped the car, got out and once I opened the car door, they all took off running towards the bushes that were nearby.

I called to her “here momma” of course she did not come my way, but she did come out of hiding and started to meow at me, she took one step then another, but when I took just a small step back, she once again went into hiding.

I went to the store down the street and bought some water, milk, and a bag of cat food and of course some bowls. I don’t know much about cats or kittens so please don’t judge me on how I fed the cat or her babies. But from what I could see they liked what they were eating. Anyways it’s been about four months now that I have been feeding them, got laid off from my job about two weeks ago and did not go feed them for two days and now I cannot find them anywhere.

I got so attached to these animals and now I feel so guilty for not being there for them. Does anyone know where they could have gone, I have called for them but I do not see them anywhere. I have walked up and down the whole block calling for them, but nothing I do not see a sign of any of them.

I continue to put out the food and drinks for them but the only animals I see eating the food are the opossums and skunks. Where they went or what happened to them I do not know. I just hope that nothing bad has happened to them.


Sucker for My Feral Cats to Feral Cats

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Sucker for My Feral Cats

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Sep 15, 2009 Feral cats
by: Ruth

Is there a chance an animal rescue might have trapped the cat and kittens in those 2 days ? Your feeding them might have made that possible.Usually the kittens are kept to be tamed but the mother is returned to the place she was found if it’s decided she would be untameable.In which case she may be back there now.
Another alternative, not a good one, the mother has been killed and the kittens are in hiding.You need to have a good look around there and make sure they aren’t in distress.
The last alternative is the mother may have felt threatened in some way and moved the kittens to another place, ferals do that quite a lot !
I’m so sorry your kindness has left you with this worry,you did a good thing in feeding these cats.Ferals are very resourceful in surviving so try not to feel too bad.

Sep 15, 2009 Smiles and sadness
by: Anonymous

When I read your title it made me smile. When I read the story it made me sad. It is a rollercoaster.

I hope you find them. I know how you feel. A strong attachment grows quickly with vulnerable cats that you care for.

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