Super tense kitten rescue from edge of fast track lane of freeway (video)

This is tense watching. It is also very sad and desperate. To think of this little kitten probably exhausted and paralysed by fear so near columns of fast moving traffic is distressing. The chances of survival are pretty well nil. Someone saw the kitten and passed the news on to a couple in a car travelling on the same road. Perhaps they were on the way and the text message confirmed the presence of the kitten. They were from Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organisation.

Kitten rescued from side of freeway
Video screenshot.
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You can see in the video that they were forced to get to the other side of the freeway as they were initially approaching in the wrong direction. And then they were forced to park illegally quite a way from the kitten. They then raced to where the kitten was before stopping all the traffic to cross the road. Amazing and daring. Of course they had the presence of mind to film the whole thing with an eye on making a nice video which is certainly an excellent way to promote the rescue.

There is always the anxiety of the unknown; not knowing how cats about to be rescued will react when approached. There must be a real danger of the cat panicking and running into the road where death would be near certain. The rescue worked out well. The kitten appeared to be ‘out of it’ and unaware of their approach – fortunately.

The kitten must have been dumped on the road from a car. This is terribly cruel of course but it happens not that infrequently. The person who did it cannot be normal. He cannot have a heart or a mind. The kitten was sick and had an eye infection. He was underweight and too weak to move.

The rescuers named him Napoleon. Hope For Paws is a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue organization, based in Los Angeles, California. I don’t know what happened to Napoleon…yes I do! He’s fine and he meets another kitten rescued in the most dramatic way from a chimney. They are friends.

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