Lil Smokie and William Wallace

by Michele
(Los Angeles, USA)

Lil Smokie

Lil Smokie

Lil Smokie Lil Smokie William Wallace William Wallace

These are my folds, Lil Smokie (the blue cream tabby) and William Wallace (the lilac baby).


Two Russian Blue Sisters

by Lindsey Pegg
(Rockhampton, Qld, Australia)

I have two Russian Blue sisters that are around 9 months old. I keep reading that this breed is shy with strangers but the opposite seems to be true with my two! They love people and run to the front door when there is anyone there.

If there are several people sitting down one of the girls in particular will visit each lap in turn.

Everyone who meets them seems to be captivated and completely won over by them even people who usually don't like cats. They do seem to display some dog like characteristics.

As a breed I am very impressed with the Russian Blues and like the fact that they are a quiet cat.

Mine only miaou to locate each other or to let us know they are ready to be let out of their night cage for breakfast!

Lindsey Pegg

A great site, the Admins put a lot of work into it, the only problem is there are not many players otherwise it is a fantastic site.

I love it the rules make sense, but they don't keep you too restrained. When you join you can adopt or create a cat choose a clan and role.

A Ragdoll Mix!

by Jessica
(Toronto ON Canada )

I adopted a cat from my local animal shelter. I am not sure her breed, she has bright green eyes, sliver grey in color with white mitten's, white chin, white on her underbelly from her chin to her genitals. She is very vocal, needs constant attention, and has many 'dog-like' traits.

I was thinking she may be a mix of Ragdoll and maybe Russian Blue, I will attach a picture and maybe you would be able to provide some insight.


Jessica and Emma (The cat!)

Hi Jessica and Emma.. thanks for visiting and sharing.

Please upload a picture. In the meantime please also read this: What Breed is My Cat?

Update 10th Oct 2010:

Here is a picture of Emma:

Emma is is estimated to be between 1-2 years old and weights between 8-10lbs.

She has mitted feet, which is one type of pattern for the Ragdoll. The Ragdoll is a pointed cat and Emma is not pointed. Neither is she "substantial" in body shape - the Ragdoll is a large cat and Emma at the moment seems to be a cat of average body size.

Emma's head shape is not quite right. The muzzle is not "well developed" as is the case for the Ragdoll.

Emma is semi-longhaired as is the Ragdoll. And Emma's tail is a nice plume, also inline with the appearance of a Ragdoll.

Emma's coat is thick and from the picture we can see that it "breaks" as the cat moves. This is also inline with the Ragdoll appearance. Emma's eyes are not blue. Ragdolls must have blue eyes.

The Russian Blue is "foreign" in body shape, meaning slender. And they are only blue (blue/grey). Both these characteristics fit nicely into the theory that Emma could be a Russian Blue/Ragdoll mix. The sharper more pointed face of the Russian Blue and the green eyes also support this.

Emma looks like she could be purebred too.

In conclusion it is quite likely that she is a Ragdoll mix. But we can only speculate really as cats can have purebred cat characteristics but be random bred cats.

Thanks again for sharing, Jessica. I hope this helps a bit. Unfortunately I can't be more certain.


Michael Avatar


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