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Superb Video on “Cat Friendship” — 2 Comments

  1. I believe that Purina has limited their “testing” to feeding cats and dogs to see if they like the products only. They seem committed not to do harm.

    On the other hand:
    Hills Pet Nutrition (Hills scientific and Hills Prescription diets):
    -Fed puppies a special diet as part of a 5-week trial. Their claws, testes and teeth were removed for zinc analysis . “It is believed the dogs then died or were put down”

    IAMS company An experiment commissioned by IAMS involved inducing kidney failure in 28 female kittens. Each then had a kidney removed. The surgery killed two of the kittens, others suffered weight loss and severe vomiting, then were put down by lethal injection

    IAMS (again) 15 beagles had their bowels cut out for analysis before being destroyed.

  2. I think that Purina has made marked improvement since the recalls years ago.
    They have come out with some decent products like Beyond.
    I adore their videos, and there are several more.

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