Surveillance Camera Images of Suspects Believed to Have Burnt Cat to Death

The Baltimore police have issued surveillance camera photos of men that they believe were involved in the assault and burning to death of a cat in the 5100 block of Hartford Road, Northest Baltimore.

If anyone who reads this can identify anyone of these men then please do your duty and contact the police on 443-681-0101 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup.

Animal Control were called to the scene of the crime where they found the deceased cat.

That is all I have. It’s enough. It is terrible and shocking. It would seem that the cat was abused and killed for the hell of it. For kicks. The mentality of idle, immoral youths is frankly horrendous. It happens anywhere in the world. It is not just in America. In the UK there are a lot of disaffected youths who get kicks out of harming animals. Society needs to deal with it and take proactive steps. I don’t know if the cat was feral or domestic.

The source for this post is Baltimore Police Department on Facebook.

Update: I am told by Fox 45 News the Baltimore police have arrested two young teenagers in connection with the torture and murder of this cat in north-east Baltimore. The suspects are 15 and 13-years-of-age. They are two from the photograph above. I don’t know exactly who they are, however.

3 thoughts on “Surveillance Camera Images of Suspects Believed to Have Burnt Cat to Death”

  1. They need to be strung up, idiot, inhumane, no wonder people can’t stand a lot of blacks, they act like evil monsters. No respect or love for GOD’S animals…hope they get them all & give strict, harsh punishment.

  2. This is absolutely horrifying. I cannot understand the mentality of anyone torturing an animal, ever. Sending blessings for this cat, now a precious angel soul.


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