Surveillance camera records mountain lion attacking and carrying away domestic cat

WARNING: HARD TO WATCH VIDEO. This is an difficult to watch video if you are a cat lover but the strong of heart will steel themselves. It is, however, a reminder of the dangers to house cats from predators in parts of America. Attacks from predators is not something that concerns the cat owners of Europe except perhaps in Eastern Europe and southeast France where the Eurasian lynx is present.

Cougar attacks domestic cat in driveway

Cougar attacks domestic cat in driveway. Screenshot from video.

However in the western half of the US the dangers from predators is a major factor in deciding whether or not to let your cat wander outside (dangers to cats). Except for Florida, officially, the mountain lion is no longer present in the eastern half of the US although some residents of the easter United States would disagree with the experts.


The coyote is a far more dangerous predator to domestic and feral cats because there are more of them. There are an estimated 20k-40k pumas in the US (source: Half a million coyotes are killed annually in the US and the population is either stable or increasing.

Source: Fox4 and ABC Action News.

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Surveillance camera records mountain lion attacking and carrying away domestic cat — 12 Comments

  1. No food animals are cooked alive to make pet food. Only the people from the far east do it as aphrodisiac.

    As far as watching a cat kill, been there, done that, and have the t-shirts. My cats love lizards and frogs. It makes me ill each time.

    That doesn’t change the fact that people allow their pets to run loose and feed wild animals that should not even be in the area.

    FYI: most cat lovers are well liked in society, unlike those who insist we are less than human because we have a warm heart towards all animals, not just cats. So grow up and get a life.

  2. Loose dogs do this every damn day.
    Our house raised well fed and usually inept hunters are not equipped to be left alone outside. This does not include cars and the usual plethora of cat haters.
    The neglectful ignorant owners of this cat should be very aware that a predator that sees humans as fair game is now hunting on their turf. Would’t bother me if it got one of them on the way to the mailbox. Sorry Michael I’m just sick of it.

  3. This is all too real and it happens every day. I could not watch the video. It just breaks my heart.😭😱

    • But it doesn’t break your heart to know that you pay others to kill animals to feed your cat. Most of them are boiled alive on the canning lines before they are stuffed into those cans of cat food. How are you and all cat owners different than this mountain lion? Maybe that’s why you can’t bear to watch it, it reminds you of your own behaviors and values too much.

      When you react the same way to seeing a house-cat kill a reptile, small mammal, or bird; then you’ll finally understand why all cat owners are so deeply despised by the majority of humanity today. They see you and your cat no differently than you see this mountain lion.

      • You smell of troll.
        That aside you seem incapable of seeing the difference of a tame house pet being killed by a wild predator due to the cat owner letting it roam and the issues that are long standing in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Truthfully if cat owners are despised dog owner should be whipped in public for the crap, destruction and noise pollution lobbed on everyone around them.
        Feral cats by nature not strays and dumped pets are seldom the victim of predation like this. They simply wouldn’t be out in the daylight. Neither should the cougar.

      • I don’t understand the point you are making. Cat lovers don’t despise mountain lions. I love mountain lions. Also cat lovers are not despised by humanity. There are 60 million cat lovers in America. Are they all despised by humanity?

        “Most of them are boiled alive on the canning lines before they are stuffed into those cans of cat food.”

        What’s that about? You are making things up. Pure fiction. If you comment again it must be reasonable and sensible otherwise you’ll be banned.

        • The troll is getting kill practices at Yulin Festival (boiled/skinned alive) with the dodgy practices at rendering plants I think.

          The troll should get some fresh air.

        • Thank you Micheal. I am not blaming the cougar for acting like a cougar. I do have issues with humans who don’t know how to behave like humans.
          I eat meat perhaps once or twice a week and am well aware of where it comes from and the need to end factory farming and regulate each and every slaughterhouse daily.
          Cat owners are not despised by everyone. While some of us love them more as a species than others what we usually despise about a domestic pets of all kinds is the guardians neglectful behavior that is either hurting the animal or impacting our lives in a negative way.
          Animals are still being boiled alive in some cultures. I would think even the most rabid cat hater would find the idea of an animal being tortured abhorrent. I find it just as despicable when a dog is being abused in the US as I do when they are boiled alive in Asian countries. And as I’ve repeated numerous times I am not a dog lover.

    • Understood. I just about watched it and when I did I winced. It was unpleasant. felt I needed to show the video as it is very unusual to see this sort of thing on film.

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