Survivor Cats X

Survivor Cats X

by Ravenmyth
(Texas, USA)

Survivor Cats X

Survivor Cats X

If you need someplace to call "home" when life is down,
When you want to look up and turn your life around,

Here is the place, I call home.
And everyone there, I love and know.

Everyone always smiles,
Everyone is apart millions of miles,
But they are close to my heart,
And they are all very smart,

These are people I call friends,
We are together through thick and thin,

...And that my friend, will never end...

Survivor Cats,
Are Survivors!

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Survivor Cats X

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Nov 21, 2009

by: Anonymous

:Rude People Ahead Warning:

Not the most active Warrior Cats website out there, nor are they the most friendly. I remember though when there numbers were huge and everyone had a great time. But not really much anymore.

I feel ashamed for wasting so much time useless time on there.

May 27, 2009
by: Former Member

By no means should you ever join this site. They're full of N00Bs and mean staff and members. The staff completely abuses their powers and the members are hateful. Don't join this site, seriously.

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