Sussex cat who has offered comfort for 6 years at St. Catherine’s Hospice has been evicted

Thousands have joined an online campaign to allow a cat to return to the premises of St. Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, Sussex (UK). Spike, who wandered in more than six years ago, has been evicted.

cat evicted
Spike has been on the property 6 years(wscounty times)
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A petition has already gathered more than 3,000 signatures asking for Spike the cat to be allowed to return to the property. The petition states

“Spike the cat has been a devoted and faithful friend to terminally ill patients at St Catherine’s hospice in Crawley since 2012. However, Spike’s presence is now under threat (with the health and safety of patients cited as a reason).

Hospice visitors, staff and patients all care dearly for Spike. She has spent a lot of time over the last 7 years sitting with patients and many find her great comfort. Likewise, patients’ families and friends welcome Spike’s unconditional affection at a very traumatic time in their lives.

Please take the time to sign this petition to support Spike’s continued presence at St Catherine’s. Thank you.

St Catherine’s said it recognized Spike was a much-loved mascot but it has to put hospice patients and staff first. A spokesperson stated

 “While many of us have a soft spot for our feline friends, not everyone loves cats. Recently, some of our patients have been distressed by Spike and two of our care team have had severe allergic reactions, meaning that at times they have been unable to work.

We’ve been touched to see how many people care so much for Spike. We hope you will bear with us while we help Spike through this change in her routine and continue to support St Catherine’s while we help local people going through the very worst of times.”

It’s good that Spike has a home. Whether or not Spike is allowed to return to St. Catherines remains to be seen. Even with a petition, health laws may prevent her return since so many appear to be allergic to her.

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5 thoughts on “Sussex cat who has offered comfort for 6 years at St. Catherine’s Hospice has been evicted”

  1. I am praying for a reversal in this decision so that Spike can return home to Saint Catherine’s. Signed the petition. 😱😭🙏

  2. Whoever had an allergic reaction can find another job; Spike’s job is also important and he can’t easily find another.

  3. Thanks for this Elisa. Interesting. Of course I think it is wrong to terminate Spike’s ‘contract’. It looks like there was a change in the management at the hospital. I love therapy cats. They are working cats and really appreciated.


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