SUV crash update: Nearly a month later woman who survived horrific wreck is reunited with her pets

Nearly a month after a pet parent was seriously injured in an accident on Interstate 26 near Inman, South Carolina, one of the women was reunited with her dog Chai and cat Diesel. Click here for the article that describes how social media joined together to find the dog and cat who escaped during the chaos.

London and Diesel screenshot FoxCarolina
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London Hampshire was one of three women injured in the wreck. She has undergone several operations after suffering severe injuries, including many broken bones. In an interview with FoxCarolina, London described her excitement on the reunion (she and her girlfriend Lauren Spetnagel have both been hospitalized since the March 1 accident). Laurens grandmother was also injured in the wreck.

“I’m very excited to see both of them. They bring me happiness every day and just watching them play, it makes me feel like I’m home and makes me happy.”

Lauren described the wreck and remembers being super excited at nearing their destination when they saw fog and couldn’t stop in time to avoid the overturned tractor-trailer blocking the interstate. That night was rainy with thunderstorms and Chai and Diesel escaped.

Chai was found within 12 hours and Diesel was found several days later and have been cared for until they could be reunited with their pet parents.

Both women are in wheelchairs and will have to go through physical therapy. Click here to view the video of their reunion.

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