Swarm of Sphynx!

Since I held one at a cat show, I have had a soft spot for the Sphynx. Being a cat ‘purist’ I should disapprove of this cat breed because strictly speaking it is not sensible to breed cats who carry a congenital defect in that they have no fur or very little. But they are cute and this video confirms that:

The lady who made the video is a cat breeder, I believe and she is socialising her new kittens ready for adoption. The breeder is Casa do Fidalgo cattery. It is in Portugal.

Associated: Sphynx cat facts for kids.

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2 thoughts on “Swarm of Sphynx!”

  1. They are very cute. Extreme situations do take some getting used to. I LOVE it when kittens “help” me make the bed – that moment of play we can really share. Regardless of their lack of fur, what lovely little personalities!

    • There is an article in that: the way cats love to be involved when we make our bed and better still when we change the bed clothes. There are lots of opportunities to mess around and play.


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