Sweatshirt with kitten motif costs $477

This delightful sweatshirt with the extra long arms (! – is it made for men?) costs $477 from ANTONIOLI online. Actually it was reduced from that exulted figure to $143 but it is now sold out. Perhaps it was so popular because a celebrity who I had not heard of, Gwen Stefani, was photographed wearing it.

Gwen Stefani wears cute cat sweatshirt
Gwen Stefani wears cute cat sweatshirt costing (originally) $477 – now sold out
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The pictures were share around the internet including on popsugar.com.

It’s actually a nice garment except the arm length is odd. They are about 12 inches too long. Maybe it’s trendy to have the hands hidden or the arms ruffled up. It would irritate me.

Gwen Renée Stefani is an American singer, songwriter, and actress says Wikipedia. Now I know. She looks great in the sweatshirt with a kitten motif costing $477. I think the price makes it look better. I bet it was made in Bangladesh and cost $5 to make.

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