Sweet 12-year-old girl emails veterinarian after her cat drinks strawberry milk

This is such a sweet, tender and caring email from a 12-year-old girl to her veterinarian after her cat took a few sips from her strawberry milk drink. I think it’s wonderful. Her parents should be proud. It shows real concern for the welfare of her cat. I wonder how many children or parents would have done this. Very few, I’d suggest. All children should have this level of concern for animals. They are the future of animal welfare.

Email from girl to vet about her cat
Email from girl to vet about her cat. Very nice and sweet.
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It happened over the weekend and the response came the following Monday.

The “OP” (not sure what that means) states on Reddit.com:

“I am the OP, I just didn’t reply to the email, the doctor did. Sorry :/”

Good on the vet. The clinic’s response was:

“We told her the cat will be fine but just not to let him have milk frequently. She replied back and reassured us that she DID NOT give the cat milk and that he drank it when she was not looking lol.”

You can see this girl knows a bit about cat nutrition too.

Source: reddit.com

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