Sweet female FeLV positive cat for adoption

Sweet female FeLV positive cat for adoption

by Marie
(Clinton NJ)

sweet Girl

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sweet Girl

I have 4 cats and yesterday I rescued another sweet beautiful girl that we wanted to keep.

I kept her separate from my guys and took her to my vet today.

My vet called me awhile ago with the news she was FeLV positive, through tears I asked him how we could make her better so I could bring her home, foolishly I never had an FeLV infected cat so knew nothing about it.

He told me there was nothing we could do but if I knew of a home with other infected cats or one with no cats she could do well there. I have been searching to know avail.

I am hoping that a visitor to this site can take her because she is the sweetest little girl I have met. I am writing this in tears because after only knowing her for the day I fell in love but I cannot jeopardize the health of my other cats, it would not be fair.

Today's Date: 11th January 2012.

If anyone can take her, please email or call me:


Thank You -- Marie

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Sweet female FeLV positive cat for adoption

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Jan 14, 2012
take her
by: Elisa

Make sure your other cats are vaccinated. She may go negative in a future test. As long as aggression isn't an issue there's little risk under these conditions

Jan 11, 2012
Debbie and the boys
by: Marie

Thank you Debbie,
I will def look into this and keep everyone posted 🙂

Jan 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

There are FeLV positive cats that live in the same home as negative cats, so long as no one is aggressive to the other. You really need another vet's opinion. I hear of positive cats living for years in the same home and died in peace and quiet after a long life.
Vet' don't recommend it because that are only protecting their ass from a law suit.

Debbie & the boys

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