Sweet kitten tries to engage a large dog in a sparring match

This is a cute and amusing video. It got my attention. A small, tabby rescue kitten, Sophie, pokes and prods a his new dog buddy in an attempt to force him to play. The dog, a Doberman, wants to snooze. He resists the attempts to engage in a sparring match but occasionally rises from his slumber in a lazy effort to play-fight. The quality is not great as it appears to have been made with a smartphone. A version of the video is on YouTube presented by Barcroft TV which appears to have been made by someone else at the same time with a camera so the quality is superior. Anyway, I prefer the smartphone version despite the lack of image quality. I hope you do too. P.S. I have included the YouTube version as well 😉 .


Posted by helloU on Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is the Barcroft TV, YouTube version:

My thanks to Sandy for finding it.

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