Sweet Tiger Cub Unsure About Attentions of Two Otters

Otters want to play with tiger cub
Otters want to play or interact with tiger cub.
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This is another one of those interspecies relationships that we hope is in the making. At the moment, however, this sweet and beautiful tiger cub in captivity is unsure about the attention given to him by two otters who appear to be enamoured by him. They want to be with him and I suppose play with him but isn’t sure about it.

It makes me wonder why the cub doesn’t chase the otters as prey. He is just too young. He hasn’t learned about chasing prey. He doesn’t see the otters as prey. He sees them as possible companions and that certainly applies to the otters. They have obviously been socialized to a certain extent and the tiger has not yet been trained to hunt by his mother. Perhaps he never will. Perhaps he has no mom.

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