Sweet video of mischievous cat and laughing young woman

I like this video because the young woman (girl?) is highly amused as her cats make a bit of a mess of her home. This is good cat caretaking. I couldn’t embed it from Google+ so I downloaded it and re uploaded it….to my Vimeo account (a bit naughty)..The video was made by Jasla McDaniel. Never heard a first name for a woman like that. Nice. You’ll see a cat on the left too. It should make you smile.

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Sweet video of mischievous cat and laughing young woman — 5 Comments

  1. When Monty gets his claw stuck on something I don’t laugh at him. I get to him as quickly as I can, because I figure that must hurt, or could hurt him. However, she at least didn’t get all bent out of shape over the curtains. I’m sure the cat put some little holes in them. But she didn’t care. So at least she’s not the kind to declaw him to protect her stuff. I just would have run right over and extricated that stuck paw. It was obvious he got a claw stuck. It happens so easily, especially if you don’t trim them regularly.

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