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Sweet yet sad photo of kittens curled up together outside — 9 Comments

  1. I found Tera’s kits in our old chicken pen in a filthy old hutch. I had to crawl on my hands and keens and put them in a plastic bag to get them out. Four of them were in a kitten ball and sadly too much time had went by to save them. I’m not going to elaborate. Tera went into a carrier with the two that eventually became my Frog and Toad. Tera who told me her name and I don’t care most of my animals have told me their name and responded to it from day one went to Watermelon Mountain Ranch where she finally got the home she deserved. Outside and alone Tera and all her babies would be dust. Mama Tera and her two surviving babies. less than 24 hours old.

    • Lovely story although sad. I don’t know what you do except for snippets of information 😉 You sure know cats well. Thanks ME.

      • She was enchanting to have in our master bedroom for 4 weeks. We had her vetted and worked on her social skills and then WMR finished the job. I have a video that the pet store she was up for adoption in walking her on a leash in the store. The lady who took her contemplated it for several weeks. I liked that. She has a Siamese body and Tortie coloring.

    • Very sweet momma cat, they are the lucky ones. Just wanted to say that every single animal I have ever cared for has, very soon after they came home to me, told me their name. Even the cats who already had names given to them. They show me their names using all the little behaviours and enthusiasms they have. It’s usually the name that the cat tells us is the right fitting name, that sticks.

      We have preferences/dislikes when it comes to how we are referred to. No reasons to think that our sensitive, self aware cats, are different.

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