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Sydney woman allowed to keep 54 companion animals at her residential home — 3 Comments

  1. Maybe being dead is the answer , maybe you can all be happy when I’m gone . You media are pushing me over the edge & sadly too many suicides happen & I’m very close to the edge after you saying hoarding !!!! Lies lies lies !!!!!!!!!!! My animals have the best life & I could too If yous all just LEAVE ME ALONE I’m
    Not hurting any of yous SO BACK OF MY NAME & let me just LIVE MY LIFE stop writing rubbish on my name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know what this story is REALLY about ! How much I’ve been through , how bullied I’ve been over the years but 1 neighbour who repeatedly picks on my family & this story is about pure love & devotion to animals ! A girl who’s passion is so huge that all her time , money , life & effort goes to my babies . I choose my animals over a partner , I choose them over going out & why ? I’ll tell you why because unlike humans animals ARE loyal, animals WONT Judge & animals WILL HELP YOU & not make you constantly feel let down by humans in which is another case of media now who are definitely having a HUGE impact on my mental health ! . All I want is to be left alone to heal & be with my animals AWAY FROM PEOPLE who continue to hurt me . So stop writing about me & until you have walked my journey you don’t know me at all Michael Broad !

  3. I am the “ Sydney woman “ who you are referring too . How dare you slander me as a hoarder ! I suffer from PTSD & anxiety following a car accident that happened to me ! . My animals help me ! They are my number 1 priority & the absolute love of my life !!!!! How dare you slander me as a “ hoarder “ !!!! I own 2 cats !!! I know people who own 20+ , I own 17 birds ! I know people who own 70 birds !!!! I own 20 rabbits , I know people who own 60+ rabbits ! All in which don’t keep their animals as beautifully as I DO !!! SO BEFORE YOU GO AND BLAST ME OUT FOR THE WORLD MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ME !!!!!! I am suing for defamation of character as I am NOT A HOARDER !!! At all . How dare you !!!!!!!

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