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Sydney woman allowed to keep 54 companion animals at her residential home — 22 Comments

  1. Well I think your animals are beautiful Hayley & they have a very lucky owner . I’m sure Michael will follow through with your request Hunny if he’s not selfish he definitely will
    I hope lockdown isn’t too tough on you guys out in at In Sydney but you have your animals which is a great bonus 🥰 and I’m sorry your mum had to write the poor lady 🙁 Well all the best to you beautiful & you remember now that he is the issue because he’s writing about someone he doesn’t even know okay so you keep your head up high gorgeous & you know that he should definitely make options for people to delete or remove comments . God bless to you & your mum & animals xxxx

    • Thanks Hunn I’m crying today , I was happy yesterday when he replied to my mum & she could see I was happier and more at ease but then I see him trying to shut me down again in the comments section like the only people commenting back & forth is us in the comment section lol no point for it in all honesty but you seem nice & hope Melbourne is doing better than Sydney right now xx

      • Don’t worry darling he’s just some old man trying to break down a young , successful , beautiful woman so it’s saying more about his character rather than yours , it’s normal to feel annoyed at someone writing about you when they haven’t even met you , unlike daily mail & daily telegraph they actually met you & could see how great of a girl you are so for him it’s just lack of understanding my dear , he wants more to his story which screams volumes for his lack of empathy in my opinion , your kind hearted & do an amazing job with your animals you should be very proud of yourself my dear . Your a great advocate for animals ❤️

        Yes Melbourne is getting better but we’re still not out of the woods yet x

        • Thanks Isla but I always try to see the good in people , I don’t think “ bad “ of him I just want to be respectfully heard really which is not much to ask for you know what I mean babe , like I don’t wish any bad on this man but I just would like to be heard is the message I’m trying to put out there . I believe there is good in everyone somewhere & hopefully we see it when he deletes the comments , and we can all move on after that , best way of putting it , just want everyone to be happy , and heard
          But I appreciate your support even though I haven’t met you maybe one day we can x

    • Please delete this comment – story can stay but delete these comments I was in a very bad place & day by day I’m trying

      • Hayley, I said: “Is this an example of animal hoarding or just very efficient pet ownership carried out to a high standard but in large numbers? The local authority decided the latter…”. I did not state that you are a hoarder and I made it clear that the council does not believe that you are a hoarder. Although to have that many animals indicates a problem. I will delete the comment in which you threatened to sue me in defamation. And good luck by the way. And I am sorry that you were upset. The good thing is that you care for animals. Well done on that.

        • Thank you Michael
          I appreciate that so much x I’m doing well , likewise my animals are doing good too , thank you for your understanding xx all the best

          • & to have that many animals does not indicate a problem , did you not watch a current affair here ? Maybe you should check it out https://youtu.be/8AI8aqRVUn0

            This man has 2000 animals & he doesn’t seem to have any problems 🙂 sorry but your information on “ problem “ is wrong . It’s fabulous therapy for some people , I stay home & care for my pets , I don’t see that as a problem , I have a lot of motivation & energy so why not use it to love & care for so many animals . All my family grew up on farms , I have it in me , my granddads both were farmers , it’s in our bloods , we love animals that’s not a crime it’s beautiful . I know people on residential blocks with 70 + birds alone , I only have 17 , sorry but my problem is that I love & adore animals & the true story is that I was born for the animals , I think that is a blessing by god . I was born with 2 holes in my heart & still have a leaking valve , I am a strong woman with a lot of self power , I was lucky to have survived my open heart operation , my valve may leak but my soul is strong & I’ll remain strong forever more

    • Please delete this comment – story can stay but delete these comments I was in a very bad place & day by day I’m trying

        • Michael I think if Hayley is requesting you delete these comments then respectfully you should do that . I’m sorry but firstly writing about Hayley’s life after she has explained she has been through a lot of stress then you owe it to her to respect her wishes . She is definitely a kind & beautiful girl who loves just loves animals & I wish her all the happiness & best – so should you

            • I know that but I still think they should be deleted because she has still asked they be removed , harmless yes but still I think when it says to delete she means delete … no effence

              • I have done as asked. I have no obligation to do it really. And you know your daughter has created a problem for herself. It is not sensible to have that many animals in a residential home. I want to leave the request to delete as it tells readers something about the person. They add to the story. Sorry but I am going to leave it there.

                • Wow ! My name is Isla & Hayley isn’t my daughter , and if she was I would be proud to have her for my daughter , you on the other hand are a true narcissist & shouldn’t be a journalist when you can’t understand people’s life’s & the need for a simple tast . It’s not rocket science to delete comments , maybe you should have a “ delete “ option button for people so they can choose as it’s really something that all places have. If Hayley was my daughter I would definitely be investigating the way you treat others

                    • Thank Isla for your kind words , it’s nice to see that we still have that beauty & kindness in our world today . Thank you for caring , I wish more to be like you Hunn ❤️ God bless you & I contacted my lawyer so she is going to be email Michael . The comment section is very unessasary in my opinion & I would never do this to any of Michaels family because my heart is pure I don’t attack people that I don’t know because it’s wrong & I want to try make the world a better place . I want to help people & animals because it’s the proper way of life to lift others up instead of putting them down , god bless you Isla & thank you for being a voice for me
                      If he removes the comment section then he may be as kind of you Hunn , let’s hope we still have basic decent journalists out there . To write a story ok fine it’s bad enough but to try attack me at the same time is beyond me . I’m sad about it and it’s just normal human decency to fix the person your writing abouts wishes as if it is effecting them then it’s definitely a priority in my books . People can have their own private opinions but not place a platform to let others see it . It’s not normal to allow that when the person is kindly asking for support . Even my poor mum had to reach out to him , my mum & I don’t need like all this you know like it’s just me & my mum you know , she at her age doesn’t need to be worrying about comments and stuff , it’s really simple and can make a huge difference , it’s heartbreaking , hence why I turned to animals because people never really hear me out

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