Symphony: Even her vet had given up hope-then Foster Paws Rescue and an adoption angel stepped up to save her

This is the happy ending story of a cat most of the world had given up on. Considered unadoptable by many and possibly a lost cause by the vet who treated her, Symphony is truly a miracle kitty who found love in a rescue willing to take her under their wing until the perfect home could be found.

Rescue cat
Symphony with her adoption angel Brooke (photo courtesy of FPR)
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In late September, Symphony was surrendered to Foster Paws Rescue (FPR), a Greenville, South Carolina-based 501c3 non-profit organization known for their compassion and perseverance. The other kitties in the house caused Symphony to act aggressively out of protection and she was striking out and biting at her owners. The family was moving and couldn’t take her. Foster Paws learned this distressed kitty lived with four other kitties, but she’d been with the family the longest. She lost trust in the world to the point a veterinarian recommended putting her down if Prozac didn’t work.

It’s unusual for FPR to take an owner-surrendered kitty straight into their rescue. It wasn’t a unanimous decision to accept Symphony into the rescue, but after hearing her story, most of their members knew she needed help. If surrendered to a shelter, she would have no chance. FPR agreed to meet and assess her. After meeting her they knew all her interactions with her family had been high stress for a while. The family had tried but didn’t know what else to do. FPR took her in on the spot. A couple of their volunteers saw right away, she wasn’t a typical aggressive kitty. She was scared for her life.

Once Symphony was in the hands of FPR, the rescue showered her with love and showed her that her life mattered. Symphony wouldn’t eat her pill pocket at times, and it was noticed she was better off without it. She was eventually weaned off her medication, and some of the center volunteers were able to make headway with her. Symphony would begin to trust, then lose it again, and some even gave up hope she would ever be adopted.

People would express interest in Symphony, but after hearing her situation they quickly moved on to another kitty. No one wanted to give her a chance. One day the folks at FPR all said to each other sadly “I just don’t know if there’s someone out there that’s a perfect match for both sides.” Less than a week later an Angel emerged in the form of a young gal named Brooke.

Rescue cat Symphony in her new home
Symphony in her new home

Brooke had been searching for just the right kitty and came upon Symphony in their Taylor’s adoption center. She was not deterred by her story.  In fact, it made Symphony that much more special. Brooke and her family spent a good long time visiting. The volunteer counselor saw Symphony wrap around Brooke’s legs. Symphony allowed petting, and in the ultimate kitty trust move, rolled on her back for a belly rub. Brooke’s family was given an adoption application. They promised to fill it out and return the next day. Brooke did, in fact, return the next day, very excited to take Symphony home.

In her new home, Symphony has shown a personality no one thought possible. She’s curious, and not even a little bit afraid. She’s showing no signs of aggression and is even eating well and kneading her new blanket. This shows how much the volunteers put into their work with FPR. They couldn’t do it without any of them.

Brooke sent FPR this photo

It’s been a few months since Symphony and Brooke began that journey that will last a lifetime. Each update Brooke gives brings more tears of joy. It didn’t take long for Symphony to show she was willing to trust Brooke and Brooke continuously showed her the love she needed to fully trust Brooke.

A month or so ago FPR received a sleepy time picture. This week they got an update that Symphony has gotten a bit sassy but in a good way. She sits with Brooke at her vanity while she gets ready in the morning. Along with the photo was a quote from Brooke “She is the sweetest thing.”

Rescue cat
Symphony supervises Brooke at her vanity table

This is a kitty very few were willing to take in and give a chance. A kitty that a vet was willing to put down. FPR gave her a chance. Her previous owners were very honest with them. It broke their heart that Symphony never fit in because all of their kitties were rescues. They didn’t want to give her up. But knew she needed to be in a different environment.

As far as FPR is concerned they did all the right things. Literally fighting for her to have a life. Now that Symphony is in the right home her true personality is shining through. The love she has to give. The trust Brooke has earned from her. This. This right here is what taking a cat and finding that forever home is all about. The kitties who have cards stacked against them more than others. And finding them their perfect match.

FPR gets updates about the cats they save. They have a lot of success stories on their Facebook page and their success enables them to save more cats. Each adoption update will always induce tears of joy and pride. Thank you, Brooke, for being her angel. And thank you, Foster Paws Rescue, for not giving up on Symphony.


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