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  1. I feel I owe it to my grandparents who helped young Jewish people during ww2 by hiding them from the nazis in their house and risking their lives. I’m very proud of my family and now doing my bit by helping other people. Join our group please xxx

  2. Spread the word please! The power of social media is amazing and we now have people from all over the globe donating, sending messages of support to Alaa and his crew which really keeps them going. Alaa posts pictures and videos daily on our page, he has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace award 2017 x

  3. Hi all! Alaa is still going strong! Currently the cat shelter is under threat though and Alaa and his friends are looking for a safe place to transfer the animals. I’m one of the people helping out, all the help goes through Alessandra Abidin based in Italy and Syria Charity which owns a hospital in Aleppo. Donations help not just the animals but the people as well, children, women, elderly, anyone in need of help. We can and we must help. Thanks guys, Marta Williamson/UK . Search IL GATTARO D’ALEPPO on Facebook or Twitter xxx

  4. Ironically, I was recently thinking about this man because I had put a link to his story on my Facebook page. I hadn’t known his name until just now when I read your story about him. I worry for him and these cats. Until this damned war, these cats and he were just living their lives. I hate wars! Pointless!!!

    May he be watched over and guarded. May the cats he watches be protected. If it is their destiny to die during this war, then I pray that they go swiftly and with as little pain as possible.

    Because we all die, I hope that he and these cats are well rewarded once they get to Heaven. He is truly a Cat Guardian and he deserves recognition for his duty to these cats. Thank you to the person who took those pictures and his story and put them online.

    To me, it’s mind boggling to think that without the Internet we’d never know each other here on your site, nor would we know of the plight that this man and these cats are going through.

    Prayers that he is okay and that the cats are streetwise enough to survive. I sad that picture with him and them and wished I was a billionaire. I would take him and all of the cats and relocate them to safety. Sickens me to think pets being abandoned and of animals in zoos being abandoned. War is good for nothing!

    • Er, that was supposed to read that I saw not that I sad the picture of him and the cats!!! Wow, thanks for nothing, autocorrect! 🙂

    • I have similar feelings about this man and his cats. I hope and pray they survive the war but it seems unlikely as the bombing has intensified over the past months. The whole city is being destroyed. Thanks for visiting.

  5. I’m not sure about her hearing. Seems to hear but not so well. Her white kitten Messalina had the BAER test and was 100% OK.

  6. Hi Michele. Yes it’s the Malcolm Cat Sanctuary. That video is still available on their FB page if you scroll down far enough. Maybe you should apply to be a member. There is a lot going on there and the photos and videos are amazing. I get the impression that there are more LH’d cats in Cyprus percentage-wise than anywhere else but also I am told there are not as many as there used to be. That’s why I snapped up those kittens. Did you know that the cats of Cyprus have the same DNA markers as Ankara Zoo cats? The LH’d ones are the genuine Turkish Angoras or Turkish Vans depending on their coat pattern. Well that’s the cat fancy way of seeing them To me they are all Anatolian LHs. This is a photo of Isadora, my 100% Cyprus cat with the same genetic markers. as my Minos from the Ankara Zoo. There are no moggies in Cyprus as many people like to say. . They are super cats.

  7. Thousand thanks for Michael who has shared this news to us all <3

    Alaa is a great man on earth specially who is feeding the free roaming STATE PROPERTY. He seems to me a lovly caretaker of these tiny fellows <3.

    Aaaah! The war in SYRIA 🙁 I hate wars. and in this subject I wrote an urdu article, what not only war can damage human beings but also the population of free roaming cats and dogs.

    It is very necessary to feed the free roaming cats of every country and do some serious efforts to maintain their population without any cruelty( means killing them or hurting them to death).

    Hats off for Alaa 😀 and may Allaah protect him and his cats, amin <3 <3 <3

    • I always think of the pets, the domestic dogs and cats who are killed, injured or neglected in war and the street cats and dogs who are killed or injured or starve because everyone has left. Then there are zoos in which the animals die of starvation. All because of stupid human behaviour. My god we are terrible sometimes.

  8. I would say these cats are typical of East Mediterranean Anatolian cat populations. The high incidence of the ‘O’ (orange gene) together with the ‘S’ (white spotting gene) sets them apart from cats in Europe and America. They look very much like the cats of S Cyprus. You can compare them with the cats in this video taken at a cat sanctuary near Akrotiri- Limassol. The higher number of black cats at the sanctuary may reflect the lessened interest that people have in that colour, and prefer to dump them. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=733493110035804&set=o.206019105304&type=2&theater
    Incidentally several cat breeder friends recently went to Turkey looking for long-haired cats but were disappointed. They found mostly SH’d, sterilised, sick, or really wild cats. In just 1 week I located a small colony in Girne, N Cyprus with 8 LH’d kittens, 3 LH’d adults, and in the city centre 2 LH’d adults and 3 LH’d kittens. I adopted 5 of them for the treasure that they are. I think the Ottomans brought their best cats to Cyprus. You have seen photos of some of them.
    That Syrian gentleman is doing admirable work and deserve all the help he can get.

    • Harvey I can’t view the video, but is it the Malcolm Cat Sanctuary? I remember it from when I lived in Cyprus.

      In Paphos I cared for a small group of stray and feral cats and two of those were longhaired. My own cat Sophie is longhaired and was rescued there as a street kitten.

      • I’ve discovered the photographer’s name is Hosam Katan and I’ve joined the growing number of people who’ve posted on his Facebook page asking if it’s possible to make donations.

        There’s a lot of love and support out there for Alaa.

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