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T. Swift to cat: “I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars” — 4 Comments

  1. I should have photographed Laura’s eye. Furby caught her eyelid as she slept and poked a hole in it. Now Laura has a pretty pink padded mask to wear when she sleeps.

    Taylor does a lot of guest appearances on different shows. I love to watch her. At least fame hasn’t corrupted her yet.

    • Yes, as I said I like her. I have a feeling she down to earth despite all the glamour surrounding her.

      About Laura: I’m a bit shocked. Sounds awful and it could have been worse I suppose.

      It is easy to happen. Accidents will happen as they say.

  2. Taylor Swift has a cracking pair of legs. How refreshing that she made a joke about the scratch, rather than going down the same route as some “celebrities” who dump their pets when they behave like animals instead of stuffed toys.

    • She does have great legs. I think she is a nice woman. I am not sure where I get that ‘vibe’ from except that she likes cats and seems quite natural. I saw on the TV discussing cats with John Cleese. She came across well.

      Her cats have given her masses of publicity which leads me to believe that she knowingly uses her cats (not in a bad way) to promote herself. This scratch is a good example.

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