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Tabby Maine Coon Brenainn — 6 Comments

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  2. Outstanding combination of gorgeous cat and skilled photographic team. It’s one of the most satisfying activities I engage in, and makes me lose all track of time when I am in the process of capturing the beauty of an animal, a person, nature, or art. It’s really a fortunate thing to have a beautiful cat, and to be able to capture that beauty in the camera lens. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Yes, Sandy it is great fun photographing a cat. You need two people 😉 ! The whole key to the success of Helmi Flick is Ken Flick, her husband. Although I hate the man. He is arrogant, rude and a bully. He created the set up and he wrangles the cats. A photographer working alone would have great difficulty in getting these shots especially as cats in front of the camera have short attention spans – max 5-10 mins!

  3. Very nice high quality pictures, if only I knew how to get my cat to pose like that.
    I imagine it must take quite a lot of time. Must admit I do love Tabbies (though preferably red).

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