Tabby Persian Cat Picture

Persian tabby cat picture

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A sweet tabby Persian cat picture. His name is “Taylor”. He is a very mischevious looking cat. But Persian cats are meant to be docile and calm so they can’t be that mischievous…or can they?

The name of the Persian cat comes from the supposed country of origin: Persian, now Iran. People don’t know if this is true. Even if it is true the cat that we see today is very different from the cat that inhabited Persian hundreds of years ago.  The belief is that long-haired cats from the region were exported westward from the late 17th century¹.

At one time, from the mid 20th century to the late 20th century they were the most popular cat breed. Some people say they still are but I disagree with that.

Taylor is a modern looking Persian. He has the rounded head and flat face. The neck is short and thick. The eyes are large and I think they always look sad! They look a bit droopy.

The long coats of Persian cats require a protected, indoor environment. This is a very modern cat in that sense. I think the Persian reflects the modern way of life in that it is almost tailored to indoor life.

Tangled and matted hair can be prevented by daily grooming. Persians like calm and secure homes because they are gentle cats. Toilet problems due to stress can occur if the environment is not to their liking. They seem to have a higher than normal incidence of inappropriate elimination.

This breed also has a higher than usual number of genetically inherited diseases. Make of that what you will. Taylor still looks extremely cute, though.

Tabby Persian cat picture — Note:
(1) Medical, Genetic & Behavioral Aspects of Purebred Cats. ISBN0-9634124-0-X

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