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Tackling The Top 3 Domestic Cat Problems — 7 Comments

  1. Excuses, except maybe in the case of allergies. For example, sometimes people have a baby and the baby turns out to be allergic. Still if people care about their cats they would find another home for them and not simply turn them over to a shelter.

    I wonder if inappropriate elimination was not higher on the list because the survey was taken someplace where cats go outside a lot….

    • Cat aggression and inappropriate elimination are usually at the top of these lists but this list was compiled based on reasons for abandoning cats in 1998. Slightly different approach. Of course studies are not 100% accurate.

      I agree these are really excuses and even allergies can be dealt with. If a person knows they have an allergy to cats they either adopt a cat and accept and deal with it for the life of the cat or don’t adopt. There should be no relinquishment.

    • Exactly dee, i agree with you totally. I disagree that all people, should allow their female cat to have its own litter. I think its wrong for the animal, to have to go through any of that just for the humans sake. Thats why, theres so many unwanted kittens, and cats. All my cats have been fixed, i chose early on to be a responsible cat person. Even with my other two cats i didn’t want to go through the heart-ache of having kittens. Although i love kittens, i just think its cruel that theres ,so many unwanted/unloved cats & they end up being put down or taken to the shelter when no longer required. It annoyed me so much, when one of my sister’s cat, had kittens and she got an infection. Was such a horrible situation to be in. In the end they got taken to spca. Anyway i said my peace 🙂

  2. I apologise for this page which has become a big mistake because half of the page was missing for a reason I am yet to discover and the comment section was also missing. I have repaired that damage but in haste and therefore the article is not as good as it once was. Sorry.

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