Chinese school allegedly fed their students rats described as duck

Rat or duck?

NEWS AND VIEWS – CHINA: An online furore is currently being played out on the Chinese social media website Weibo. It concerns the canteen at the Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade feeding their students duck neck/head when one student found the head of a rat in his meal among the rice. The …

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China: worshipping a cat in a hat to bring good luck and fortune to mahjong players

Bringing good luck to participants in a game of Mahjong in China

I don’t know what the Chinese words say that surround the cardboard hutch tailor-made for this cute cat wearing a hat but it is all to do with bringing good luck to the mahjong participants. The interesting aspect of worshipping the lucky cat is “Who gets the good luck?!” Is it the person who …

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WARNING: Video of man in China hanging a kitten from a string held in his hand

Man kills kitten by hanging it from a string held in his right hand initially and then tied to a post

The tweet states: “The atrocities just continue. May 10, a netizen photographed a man killing a kitten near Building 16, Yixinyuan, Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong, China. The cat has been taken away by the man. This dangerous man must be reported to police!” The person who tweeted (We Are Not Food) sounds desperate …

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Cat meat consumption today based on mediaeval superstitions

Superstition surrounded medieval cats of all kinds in European medieval times.

Although some Chinese living in the south of China appear to have the strongest reputation for eating cat meat, there are other countries particularly in Asia where this habit continues despite objections from some in the West and within China. And my study of cat meat consumption over about 15 years indicates to me …

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Chinese zodiac does NOT leave out the cat but what is the zodiac’s significance?

Chinese Zodiac 12 animals

Quite a lot of people respond to enquiries on why the cat was left out of the Chinese zodiac of 12 animals. After all, they’ve got the dog in the zodiac and the cat is as popular today as the dog. It seems very unfair. There is a myth as to the reason but …

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China starts to accept Western values in domestic cat ownership

Soobin - a cat celebrity in China 2018

On one website today ( there is a question:” Do Chinese people hate cats 🐈?” It is not a good question because it is too generalised. What he means is do some Chinese citizens in China hate cats? The person who asked the question said that when he was a kid a neighbour’s son …

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33 Chartreux cats abandoned on a building site in Shanghai

Kitten mills in China

I am angry. I can barely write this. The Chartreux cat is a rare purebred cat. It originates in France and has a long history. It is a recognised purebred, pedigree cat, and it is registered with the main cat associations. And yet in China where there are a plethora of backstreet breeders and …

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Chinese mythology Tian Wu, Bi An, Lu Wu, Qiong Qi, Bai Hu

The revered and iconic tiger is part of these five mythological Chinese creatures. A recognition by the Chinese people of their admiration for this iconic species of wild cat which has to be juxtaposed against the ironic culture in certain sections of China where they have decided that eating tiger body parts improves their …

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