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'Bengal nose'

Bengal Nose

Bengal Nose – a comparison between a good nose and an affected nose – photo copyright Helmi Flick This page was first written, as I recall, in around 2009. It has been updated on more than one occasion including today June 5, 2022 at which point I have republished it. My understanding of the cause …

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Bengal Cats

Bengal cat – DGC KOSIKATZ THOTZI INDUNA INGWE  — Breeder: Sherry Ellis, Owner: Jan Harrell. Photograph ©copyright Helmi Flick Contents: Video – Bengal cat Kopa being photographed Prices – they used to be rare and exotic with a price to match Breeders & Rescue – these are the good ones I believe Jean Mill – …

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River Phenix

River Phenix by Gerd Kristiansen (Norway) I got my first Bengal female this year and love her.She is beautiful and I love her head and coat. Also I love her marble pattern. Gerd Hi Gerd.. you have a beautiful and impressive Bengal cat companion. I am impressed. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Michael

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