Leopard picture – plus some info on appearance

Common Leopard - Panthera pardus - 10 May 2009 Rajiv Gandhi Nagarhole National Park, Kabini, Karnataka, India.

Your search for a leopard picture is over. Here are some pictures by the very experienced and skilled professional wildlife photographer, John Devries and others. I am not sure where some of them were taken but I think they were all taken in Africa but the leopard range extends much more widely and into …

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Black leopard picture – where, what and how

Black leopard

People search for a ‘black leopard picture’. Here are some good ones. Leopards can often have the appearance of being jet black but they are not. Sometimes a black leopard is very dark with a black or dark grey pattern but not completely black. They have ghost markings or the spots can be quite …

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Black Panther Pictures

This page is about black panther pictures from any legitimate source plus information about the black panther. Over 150 years ago many eminent scientists of the day believed the panther to be a separate species of wild cat. However, today, I should think that most people know that the “panther” is not a species …

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