Leave alone found small wild cat kittens and don’t try and turn them into domestic cats

Bobcat kittens

Very occasionally, you can read a story on the Internet about a person finding a wild cat kitten (cub). In America, this might more typically be a bobcat kitten. It might appear to the person that the kitten’s mother has abandoned her offspring. She takes in the kitten because she wants to do the …

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Difference between domestic kittens and bobcat kittens

Domestic kitten versus bobcat kitten in appearance

There is a bit of concern over the difference between normal domestic kittens, the offspring of a house cat, and bobcat kittens because in America it is possible to bump into bobcat kittens and mistake them for ordinary kittens. It can happen as evidenced by a story two years ago from Texas. Three people …

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Florida man brings tiny ‘cheetah’ kitten to firefighters and discovers that it is a bobcat

Tiny female bobcat kitten found and taken to a wildlife refuge

Florida, USA: There is a moral to this story and it is made by the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge and Education Center. “If a citizen spots a displaced, injured, or orphaned wild bobcat, the first thing they should do is contact their local wildlife rehabilitation facility for advice to determine if the animal …

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