Calico Cats

Are calico and tortoiseshell the same?

No, 'calico' is American terminology meaning a tortoiseshell-and-white domestic cat. This means a cat with some white fur mixed in…

4 years ago

Genetic Makeup of Calico Cat Fur May Help To Save Human Lives

The temperamental behavior of calico cats has been greatly maligned and misunderstood. These felines are thought to be feisty, stubborn,…

6 years ago

What percentage of calico cats are male?

About 0.033% of calico cats are male, we are told. I am not sure how accurate this figure is. Represented…

7 years ago

Calico Cat on Colourful Bed

This is a nice photo by Julia Holleran of her cat Raja. See: Calico Cats.

7 years ago

Calico Cat Facts For Kids

Calico cats have a type of coat that is colored orange, black and white. People also call orange fur "red".…

7 years ago

I couldn’t leave a stray calico cat behind

By Gabriel This is the stray that came to us after leaving the gym -- photo to follow hopefully -…

7 years ago

Mandy: The Sweetest Cat I’ve Ever Had

By Elisa Black-Taylor Today I'd like to tell all of my friends here about my sweetest cat. MandyLane, or Mandy…

7 years ago

Valentine’s Day Card for Cat Lovers

This is a hand-made, custom Valentine's Day card for cat lovers. It is just something that kept me amused for…

8 years ago

Exotic Shorthair Two-faced Cat

This is a picture of an Exotic Shorthair (short haired extreme Persian) that tells us that the famous two-faced cat,…

8 years ago