Are caracals legal in New York state?

Pet caracal with domestic cat friend

Caracals, as pets, are illegal in New York state and New York City. I discuss the law below. New York state The following law applies if you are considering having a caracal as a pet and you live in New York State: New York Consolidated Laws, Environmental Conservation Law – ENV § 11-0512. Possession, …

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Facts About The Caracal

Fact about the Caracal

Caracal (Caracal caracal) The Caracal in appearance resembles the Lynx in having characteristic dark tufts on its large, pointed ears and is indeed often referred to as the African Lynx or Desert Lynx, however the caracal is not closely related to the true lynx species. Extending the visual comparison, the body of the caracal …

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Caracal Caracal

This page looks briefly at conservation and appearance. This is a part of the Pictures of website where I like to present the best of Flickr photographs in large format. Caracal caracal – brief description This cat is a medium sized (perhaps medium/small – 13-18 kg (28-40 lbs)) wild cat that lives mainly on …

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Caracal Description

The caracal is a medium sized wildcat weighing about 8-20 kgs. This cat gives the impression that it is powerful and “robust”1. The female is smaller and lighter than the male. Distinguishing features are the long black ear tufts growing from the tips of the tall, triangular shaped black-backed ears. The tufts are long …

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