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Domestic cat innocence is charming

Why are domestic cats so charming?

To people who adopt domestic cats, they are very charming. It is part of their attraction. What makes them charming? It must be to do with their character and their appearance. Character This morning...

Woman looks like her cat

Cat owners that look like their cats

It is said that pet owners can and sometimes do look like their pets and I am referring to cats and dogs. This topic is normally discussed in relation to dogs. Research has been...

Geoffroy's cat

What does Geoffroy’s cat look like?

Geoffroy’s cat looks somewhat like a domestic tabby cat but with a higher contrast spotted tabby coat and stronger facial markings. They are about the same size as a domestic cat but their tails...

There is a greyish colour to this bobcat

Can bobcats be gray?

The background colour of the bobcat varies from ‘buff, brown, reddish or yellowish brown to light gray and is streaked or spotted with black or dark brown”. So, yes, bobcats can have a grey...

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