Is it normal for a 3 month old Siamese kitten to have eyes that look green yet sometimes blue? He is a Chocolate Point.

Siamese blue eyes

This is a question that involves a reference to both the breed standard and cat anatomy. We know that kittens have blue eyes and that eye colour develops. This is because of the development of pigmentation. Blue eyes lack pigmentation because the colour blue comes from refraction of the light rays not the pigmentation …

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Cat Associations Out Of Step With The Public

The cat associations are out of step with the public in respect of what is the most important cat characteristic. Whereas cat associations prioritize appearance over everything else, the public have informed us in a recent survey, what we probably already knew, namely that temperament comes first and appearance second. It should be noted …

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What Should The Maine Coon Look Like?

The Maine Coon breed standard tells us what the Maine Coon should look like. The trouble is that it is a bit technical. The language is written for cat breeders to read. Therefore, I have presented it in a slide show with Helmi Flick images. I think the two together, words and pictures, may …

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Russian Blues of Russia and America

This is an attempt to make a comparison between how Russians breed the Russian Blue and how Americans do it. Are there any differences? If so why? And how has the breed evolved over the past 100 years? Historically, there is often a substantial difference between how Russian and American breeders bred purebred cats. …

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Do Cat Breeders Employ Genetic DNA Testing?

Historically cat breeders, any breeder, did not employ genetic DNA testing because it did not exist. However, with scientific advances cat breeders now have at their disposal DNA testing to support them in their task of providing healthy cats. The biggest concern of cat breeders should be inbreeding. It can lead to: decreased fertility; …

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