New evidence linking dementia and pollution so think about your full-time indoor cat companion

New evidence linking dementia and air pollution. We should think of both ourselves as cat caregivers and our full-time indoor cats

This is an article about feline dementia and the possible causes. I’m going to knit together several strands of information. Firstly, I want to refer to a new study which provides evidence that there is a link between dementia and pollution. Obviously, the study is about humans but it must also be about companion …

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Can domestic cats be mentally challenged?

Cat intelligence

Can domestic cats be mentally challenged or in ruder language ‘retarded’? I believe that in order to answer the question it might be useful to divide the domestic cat into two groups: the random bred cats i.e. moggies and the purebred, pedigree cats that you normally buy from a breeder. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome There …

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Boring indoor lifestyle may contribute to dementia in domestic cats

Keep active in old age. It applies to pets and people

I am going to stick my neck out in this short note on cat dementia. Yes, domestic cats can suffer from dementia just like their human caregivers. In fact, there’s a lot of similarities between cats and people in terms of their anatomy and physiology. There really is. It’s unsurprising as we are both …

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Does Aktivait improve cognitive function in senile domestic cats?

Aktivait for cats works in my view based on my research

The experts call dementia (senility) in cats and dogs ‘Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome’. Fine but it makes it sound more complicated. When I think of dementia in companion animals and humans I think of a gradual decline and really nothing to stop it. That’s the clear message you get from all the television reports. But …

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Why is my cat anxious at night?

Yowling at night

Firstly, you got to be sure that your cat is anxious. You might be mistaken. But anxious cats tend to vocalise their anxiety through yowling at night or meowing. And they might find it difficult to settle down and therefore restlessness is a reasonable symptom of anxiety. Or a cat might hide to feel …

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Dementia symptom checker for domestic cats

Symptom checker for cat dementia

Here is a dementia symptom checker for domestic cats. It comes courtesy of the website. Apparently, veterinarians estimate that 85% of cat and dog dementia is undiagnosed. One in three elderly cats potentially suffer from dementia. People can spot early signs of dementia in people but can they do the same with the …

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4 Signs of Feline Senility

Cat dementia

Here are four signs of feline senility. The signs are subtle and behavioural. Perhaps they need to be combined them to make them more noticeable. General Behaviour The senile cat might have a blank expression, continuous repetitive pacing and be disinterested in self-grooming. Disorientation A senile cat may delay in recognising places or objects …

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