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Combing includes flea combing. They should be combined

Can cats get fleas in the winter?

Yes, cats can quite definitely get fleas in the winter and I have first hand experience of it. My cat is, today, an indoor/outdoor cat. He can gow wherever he wants to and he...

Fipronil in cat and dog spot on flea treatments

Cat and dog flea treatments harm river life

Companion animal flea treatment pesticides, fipronil and imidacloprid, are ending up in rivers where they harm marine wildlife and insects such as dragonflies, mayflies and beetles. Fipronil is the main ingredient in the well...

Cat fleas don't fly

Do cat fleas live on dogs?

Yes, the short answer is that cat fleas do live on dogs. Their principal host is the domestic cat but they are an extremely common parasite and versatile. Therefore a high proportion of fleas...

Cat fleas cannot fly

Itchy cats: Don’t give anti-flea treatment first

Because cat fleas are such a predominant feline health issue, there might be a tendency among cat guardians to presume that their cat has fleas when they start scratching themselves because their skin is...

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