Foul ammonia odour exposes homes where there are too many cats

Singapore cat hoarder seeks help

I’m reminded by a story from California that it is the foul ammonia smell emanating from homes in which there are too many cats which always exposes these homes to the authorities because at the end of the day a neighbour complains as the smells constantly waft into their home. They might accept it …

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Number of domestic cats owned should be restricted to prevent cat hoarding

This is a question about whether introducing a law which restricts the number of cats that a person can own would have the effect of reducing cat hoarding cases. Cat hoarding is a mental health problem in a not insubstantial number of people. I can say that with some confidence because quite often the …

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Cat hoarding up and feral cat numbers up USA

Cat hoarding cat in cage with no water or food

I am going to combine two news items in this post. One comes from PETA and the other from news media. PETA states that animal shelters are turning their backs on cats which is leading to more cases of cat hoarding. They say that shelters are turning away cats because they are under pressure …

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Cat hoarding: a spectrum of causes, reasons and personality types

Worst case of cat hoarding?

Cat hoarding is a symptom of a mental illness, often a mild form. What kind of mental illness is it? This is work in progress. It is probably a sub-type of standard object hoarding. It is different to standard hoarding of objects. I refer to the difference below. We need to start with object …

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Divorce Over Cats

Cat hoarding

Today, Google tells me that divorce can be over such things as Covid-19, cheating, coffee, cats, cigarettes, chores, chewing tobacco, clutter, child discipline and credit card debt. Quite a list and these are just the “Cs”! And within the list is “cats”, which is timely because you may have bumped into a story on …

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