Natural cure for cat’s ear infection – from pau d’ arco to Hepar Sulph

Itchy ear

A natural cure for cat’s ear infection can become an effective means to end the constant shaking of the head and scratching of the ear that accompanies this common ear problem. Or it may alleviate the condition. While your feline will most likely dislike any remedy that comes in contact with their ultra-sensitive ears, …

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How can indoor cats get ear mites?

Ear mite

Other associated questions are: “Where do ear mites come from? and how do cats get ear mites?” Ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) are about the size of a pinhead. Indoor cats get ear mites from another cat or a dog who has access to the outside. Kittens can get them from their mother while in …

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Can my cat give me ear mites?

Can cats give ear mites to humans?

Don’t be alarmed because it is appears to be infinitesimally rare but cats can give humans ear mites causing otitis externa. ‘Otitis externa’ means an inflammation or infection of the external part of the ear canal, the part from the ear drum to the outside. It took me about 20 minutes to research this …

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Homeless kitten’s heartwarming physical transformation will warm your heart

A TRAGIC kitten was living a terrible life abandoned on the busy streets of Istanbul, Turkey, with pedestrians ignoring her because of her unpleasant looks. This poor kitten. What a life she had. Lost and almost certain to die young. How superb is the person who saved her. I have immense admiration for her …

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