Cat paw prints – clipart, photos, info.

Mystery cat picture? A grey-skined Sphynx (hairless cat) lying between some bedding with their fron paws sticking out.

A search for cat paw prints can mean one of two things: a search for clip art of paw prints and/or a cat’s tracks left in sand, earth or snow and sometimes rock! Consequently, I cover both topics on this page. Clip art Below I present a piece a clip art that I have …

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Speculation that mountain lions inhabit the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Pawprint of possible mountain lion in Blue Mountains NSW

NEWS AND VIEWS – BLUE MOUNTAINS, NSW, AUSTRALIA: Based on quite vague pawprints and loosely formulated theories there has been speculation about the possibility of “big cats” roaming around the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, NSW. The phrase “big cats” has been used loosely because the hikers speculated that there were mountain lions in …

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