“I associate a person having a cat with them being gentler than other people”

Sir Kingsley Amis was a cat lover

The words in the title were said by Sir Kingsley Amis (1922-1995). Sir Kingsley Amis was an English novelist, poet, critic and teacher. He wrote more than 20 novels and six volumes of poetry and a lot more besides. Also, he was a cat lover. He associated gentleness in people who are the guardians …

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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg ‘sent his cat’ to testify at a committee meeting at Westminster

Mark Zuckerberg 'sent his cat'

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg was asked to attend an important international grand committee set up, as I understand it, by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee at the Houses of Parliament in London, UK. The intention was to question Mr Zuckerberg over recent data breaches, allegations of business malpractice, allegations of the spread of …

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Funny Animal Quotes

Photo by Sidereal (Flickr) – see base of page for link. Here are some funny animal quotes as a little diversion from the current difficulties and bad news (March 2011 – Japan earthquake, Libya and Gaddafi, Bahrain, Yemen etc. and the slow response of the world to help). Of course I include cats where …

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