How does obesity affect cats?

The question in the title is current as according to VCA Hospitals in the United States, almost 60% of domestic cats in that country are overweight. There is a domestic cat overweight problem in the UK as well.  A domestic cat is considered overweight when they weigh 10-20% more than their ideal body weight, …

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Can I cuddle my cat with ringworm?

Ringworm transmitted to cat owners can be cured in minutes with UVB light

NO. People ask whether they can cuddle their cat if their cat has ringworm. Through personal experience, I would strongly suggest that you do not cuddle your cat if they have ringworm. This is because it is a highly contagious fungal infection which is likely to be transmitted to you as it is zoonotic …

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Sphynx cats prone to developing yeast infections

There are high levels of Malassezia colonization in Sphynx cats which can cause a yeast infection called ‘Malassezia dermatitis’. The hairlessness of the Sphynx causes many problems another of which is that the sebaceous oils deposited on the skin and not the hair attracts grime and can cause stains. “They stain sheets and such …

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Creepy cat video; cat has cutaneous asthenia

This is a slightly creepy video. It’s not meant to be. It just looks odd and a bit shocking. Cutaneous asthenia is a genetically inherited condition caused by defective gene which affects collagen production in the skin which makes the skin very loose as you can see in the video. The skin is also …

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How do indoor domestic cats get mange?

Notoedres cati mite

Full-time indoor domestic cats should not get mange but they might. Mange is caused by an external parasite called a mite which lives on and in the skin of the host animal. There are a variety of species of mite. The word “mange” is an umbrella term to describe the itchy condition caused by …

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The wrinkly skin of hairless cats

Sphynx crinkled or wrinkly skin on top of head

The wrinkly skin of hairless cats is caused by what? I have tried to answer the question but I’m reliant on speculating what I think might cause it. Some people might believe that cats with normal coats have the sort of wrinkled skin that we see in these photographs. However, this simply isn’t true. …

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Are all domestic cats wrinkly like hairless cats but we just can’t see it?

Odd-eyed hairless cats

This is a interesting question. It is certainly peculiar that we are seeing many hairless cats with incredibly wrinkly skin particularly on the top of their heads. I’m not sure that there is a caste iron answer to the question as to why hairless cats have wrinkly skin. Certainly, cats with fur do not …

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Picture of lentigo simplex cat

Lentigo in an orange cat

You know those black freckles on the tip of the nose, gums, eyelids and the lips of an orange (ginger, yellow, red) cat? You have probably seen them and wondered what they were and if they were a health problem. Well, they are not a health problem and the experts call this skin ‘disorder’ …

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