When he’s not ‘treating’ trees, arborist can be found climbing them to rescue cats

Ginger cat in tree

A Greater Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) man has turned his regular job into a useful skill that saves cats and makes distressed cat owners very happy. Ross Wilkinson is an arborist and tree risk assessor. When he’s not treating trees he can be found climbing trees to rescue cats. In an interview with Victoria …

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Mississippi man has saved nearly 100 cats after starting free “cat stuck in a tree” rescue

Starkville story

Cat Stuck in Tree Rescue Mississippi, based in Starkville is exactly what it sounds like. A cat hero named Bob Reese offers his time and service free of charge to anyone within a three-hour radius. Since May 2013 Bob has rescued 98 cats, one coon dog, and one drone in his spare time. Some …

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Professional cat rescuer in NC saves cat stuck 75 feet up a tree

So….your cat was intelligent enough to make it to the top of a 75-foot tree but isn’t smart enough to make it’s way back down. Now what? When you’ve called the fire department and another service (who charged even though they failed to help), what do you do then? If you live in North …

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